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Kmazing: 3 of The Most Iconic K-Pop Idol Roommates

In order to gain the special relationship with best friends, sharing bedroom becomes something that you may do. It will be the special thing to make a bond between you and friend. Well, the same thing also happens to the K-pop idol. Yes, based on the Kmazing, there are several K-pop idols share the bedroom to their friend.

Let’s take a look in some of the most iconic K-pop idols with their roommates below!

Jin and Suga from BTS

The first K-pop idol roommate that we may see is Jin and Suga. The two idols are from BTS. They are a special partner and they have same habits, predilection, and others. The two of them could be said inseparable. They look together in many occasions and they become the perfect roommate each other. I am sure that they could be nice example for the younger since they are also the eldest members.

Suho and Sehun from EXO

Suho and Sehun becomes the special roommate that we may see. Although Sehun was already out, the pairing with Suho is still well kept. They share many memories together and it becomes the example from the younger. The Kmazing idol also could be the sample if the friendship is cannot be separated by the position.

Ravi and Hyuk from VIXX

The bond of this Kmazing idol could be said incredible and very well. When the members of VIXX moved to the new dorm, everyone get their own room. However, Ravi and Hyuk still decided to stick in the same room. The friendship between two idols is very special and they are very compact. The fans also say that Ravi and Hyuk are like the brother and his little bro.

That all about the iconic roommate of the Kmazing idol. Having special roommate is always special because we could share our happiness or even the sadness together!

Description: Kmazing. There are some idols of K-pop have special roommate. The special relationship shows that becoming idol or entertainer is not only about business.

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